K+K: Tradition meets digital 4.0!

The traditional Salzburg restaurant relies on QMApp for inspections by authorities. "Actually this system should be a must for every hotel and restaurant business", Claudia Wolf, managing director of K+K, is convinced.

The traditional family business in the heart of Salzburg's old town has been using the QMApp for quality assurance since 2019. "We became aware of the QMApp by chance", Claudia Wolf remembers the beginning of the cooperation. "This comprehensive app simplifies the official documentation in the gastronomy many times over. Not only does it put an end to the paper usage, but the daily, semi-annual and annual checks are stored here in text and image form and can be called up at any time. During the last check by the authorities, we were able to shorten the processing time many times over thanks to the quality management system," says the Koller family team, pleased with the time saved in dealing with the authorities.


Full support from the QMApp team very helpful "Mr. Schimpke responds to ideas, suggestions, requests and proposals for improvement within 24 hours and implements them immediately", the managing director additionally emphasizes the fast and service-oriented "all-round support" from the QMApp team.

Claudia Wolf,