Cooperation partners "Waldmann & Hantinger" count on QMApp

Waldmann & Hantinger

Making services measurable on a sustainable basis

Cooperation partner "Waldmann & Hantinger" count on "QMApp. "Waldmann & Hantinger" has long been a cooperation partner of QMApp. The experience of "agency for solutions" includes such different branches as health, gastronomy, mechanical engineering.

The "agency for solutions" develops special solutions with customers from small, medium and large companies. It offers its clients marketing, project management and the implementation of quality management systems.

"The "QMApp" has proven itself in all areas", Christian Waldmann is convinced of the use of the QMApp in quality management. "The basis of our work is the measurability of the success of the measures taken. For our customers, the use of the QMApp is an instrument for making these measures and services measurable simply, quickly and uncomplicatedly.

Klaus Hantinger is of the opinion: "Controls are becoming increasingly important in all areas. The shortage of skilled workers and the ever more valuable time for training require efficiency and control of processes. The QMApp can be used individually and enables fast and detailed records and analyses."

Klaus Hantinger has more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur with a focus on gastronomy. For more than 30 years Christian Waldmann has been active in a wide range of industries, from health to mechanical engineering. Waldmann & Hantinger" is an experienced and reliable cooperation partner for universalsolutions.