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Digital Quality Management

universalsolutions QMApp is a software solution to easily create and fill checklists, questionnaires and audits for all industrial sectors and different devices (smartphone, tablet, notebook).

Test Example-Questionnaire for free and send the PDF-report of the filled questionnaire to your e-mail address!


We adapt the digital quality management system QMApp to your needs!

Highest Data Security

Encrypted data

Camera and Video functionality

For different picture resolution quality and recording duration

Picture editing

Paint on pictures in different colors

Data view

Overview of filled questionnaires, filled by user, ...

Signature input

Place a signature on mobile devices

E-Mail Workflow

Predefined or free configurable e-mail
(Configurable e-mail templates)

Extensive Question Types

Date, Time, Number, Percentage, Yes/No, Dropdown, Multiselect, Counter, File, Signature

User handling

Configure users with different access levels

Normal and Short reports

2 configurable PDF-outputs of filled questionnaires


Discover the benefits and easy usability for yourself!

Time saving

Immediate filling, finishing and sending of checklists

Cost saving

Up to 80% cost saving by optimized business processes

Legally compliant

Legally compliant, complete documentation

Easy checklist creation

Create arbitrary questions
Insert templates

Universal usage

Sector independent application

E-Mail Workflow

Predefined or free configurable e-mail
(configurable e-mail templates)

Connectivity to other IT-Systems

Extensive Interfaces

Change filled questionnaires traceable (change history)

Editable protocols including tracing of changes

Usability as simple as possible

Set size of icons and font on mobile devices


Test our QMApp! Select your sector and you can immediately fill a questionnaire online and send the generated PDF-report to your e-mail address!

Employee training
List of defects
Machine instruction

Machine instruction

Standards (ISO9001)
Line clearance
Quality/Final inspection

Quality inspection

Hygiene control (HACCP)
Acceptance of goods
Hygiene training employees

Hygiene control (HACCP)

Cleaning plan
Service log
Safety inspection

Safety inspection

Authority logs
Nursing care control
Hygiene control in canteen kitchen

Nursing care control

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Einfache Selbstüberprüfung

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Latest information about our QMApp


Frequently asked questions about the QMApp

An "Account" is comparable with "administrator". It can register, enrol, define "Users", establish questions, questionnaires and can analyse questionnaires from users. The Account can allocate user rights.

A "User" will be applied from the account. The user can fill out questionnaires on the smartphone, tablet or on the PC. Additonally the user can define questions, questionnaires, the user management and reporting.

Account: The account inserts the account name into the „account” field and the password into the password field.

User: The user needs to insert the following:

  • Account name
  • User name
  • Password


The following question types are available:

  • File Save (files with a size of 2 MB can be attached)
  • Date
  • Dropdown List (the selected answers need to be defined from the user. E-mail addresses can be used as well)
  • Yes/No
  • Yes/No/N.A.
  • Multiple Choice (similar to the dropdown list - the selected answers need to be defined from the user. E-mail addresses can be used as well)
  • Percentage (max. 100%); by choice  % rounded or using a scroll bar)
  • Text (all languages are possilble, as e-mail address or QR or barcode useable
  • Signature
  • Numbers (specifications lower and upper, readable QR or barcode, optional as counter, scroll bar or integer)
  • Time

Optional Question Attributes:

  • mandatory
  • picture to attach
  • video to attach (licence extention)
  • GPS coordinates (location)

Yes. QMApp is a web application and can be used on:

  • all systems software -  Windows, iOS, Android, Linux
  • all browsers - Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera

Unlimited. You can create plenty of questions. Based on the selected licence the amount of questionnaires is limited.

For all. The QMApp can be used in all sectors regardless of company size, time and location (globally).
You can download predefined questionnaires for different sectors which you can still adjust to your needs.

Yes. Immediate testing of six different questionnaires representing six sectors (including a protocol) can be done directly on the homepage.
So you get an idea of the usability and application of the QMApp.

Yes. If you want to create a new questionnaire you need to be online. In case you fill out a questionnaire as a user on the PC you need to be online as well. Of course, when you fill out a questionnaire on the smartphone or tablet no internet connection is necessary.

Yes. Data is encrypted in a database. Only with your account or user password data can be decrypted.

NO. Our company credo – your data only belongs to you.
Your data (incl. metadata) can be decrypted with your own password.

Your data will be stored for one year. Data is encrypted stored on the QMApp server. We reserve the right that after termination of the contract the data will be deleted after one year.

Yes.     Account name
            User name

Yes. You can use the app offline.

Attention: In case you fill out the questionnaire offline the data exchange will only start when you have Wi-Fi connection. If there is a data exchange issue you restart the data exchange by activating the data exchange icon in the toolbar. A restart of the app will do the same.

Yes. Several users can use the QMApp with the same login credentials, regardless of the used device (smartphone, tablet).

No. You can see and use your already created data in the web application.

Reason for this issue can be a bad Wi-Fi connection, especially by transferring big data volumes (pictures, videos). You can reactivate the data exchange with a good Wi-Fi connection. A restart of the QMApp or an activation of the icon in the toolbar will do the same.

One reason can be a bad Wi-Fi connection or big data volumes (pictures or videos).


QMApp can be downloaded for free in Google Playstore and Apple Store. Just click on link below, scan the qr-code or enter 'qm-app' or 'qualitymanagementapp' in the appstore search.